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20 people have just been taking part in the most exclusive money-making experiment this year...

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Dear Friend,

Just look at what your fellow profit seekers have to say about this unique new system...

"Having started with only £299.50 and level stakes £50 bets, I am up to £562! When my bank reaches £1000 I will start laying £100 per bet. At the current 81.8% strike rate, thatís not going to be long!" - CHRIS

"Brilliant system, so easy to follow with great results. Managed to match both races yesterday £50 a pop." - DAVE

"Have just returned home to be welcomed and cheered by two successful Lays. 'All lit up' was 7th by some 20 lengths. I took this at odds of 3.6 for £20... 'King's Head' was 5th by some 37 lengths. I took this at 4.0 for £25. These were obviously great selections. Congratulations." - DAVID

If you want my comments on the system so far - in one word-Brilliant!! with a capital B!. It is simple to use and "does exactly what it says on the tin!" - Nigel

"Thanks for last weeks winners. I'm only wishing a had a wee bit more cash to put into this!! Missed yesterdays bets as I was off on hols. Looking forward to more this week." - Malcolm

"Thanks for the Dan Tucker lay.....a nice earner...I am getting more and more confident betting with your judgement....well done." - Wendy

"Another easy loser...keep em coming Frank" - Vinny

"Continuing to use a 5% staking plan based on a £1,000 starting pot, and laying each of the bets within the prices recommended I am now showing a profit of £78. Look forward to this weeks tips!" - Jim

"Another great result with these two losers. Never has backing losers been more enjoyable. Many thanks." - Ken Langston

"Once again superb results today with both selections easily beaten and unplaced. Excellent!! I am very impressed (again!)" - Chris Tait

You can see, I donít need to tell you how successful this system could be for you...

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Best wishes,

Freddie Goodman
On Behalf of Frank Silversí Lay Alerts

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