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This year will see millions of jobs gone, thousands of repossessions, and millions of people reaching retirement wondering whatís happened to the pensions they were promised.

And if youíre 35+, youíre going to get dragged into this mess whether you like it or not.

But if you can spare 5 minutes to read this, Iíll show you 5 simple, easy, proven ways for you to make serious money in 2009. All you need is:






Dear Friend

Iím not going to treat you like a child and waste minutes of your valuable time trying to persuade you to read this letter.

Instead, Iím going to break all the rules, and SHOW you how you can make between £15,000-£50,000 a year EXTRA, without giving up the day job (if youíve still got one!) or working all hours like a slave.

Itíll just take you a couple of minutes to go through, THEN you can decide if you want your free report or not.

Remember, there are only 432 of these to give away (when they run out you can buy one for £97), so please read through the following secrets, and if any one of them interests you in the slightest, then reply to me TODAY before these reports run out...


I want you to picture something for me...

Imagine itís the morning and youíre at home having breakfast. While youíre sipping your tea you fire up your computer, go to one free website, and check a few numbers.

Really, you just look for something called a Ďprofit bandí thatís invisible to most people, but easy to spot when itís pointed out to you. If itís not there, you forget it and carry on with your day.

But if they ARE there, you spend 5 minutes pressing a few keys, before logging off and getting on with your day and forgetting about it.

When you get home, you check your computer, and see youíre £760 better off.

Thatís £760 extra cash sitting in your account.

Or it might be £150... £220... £453... all depending on how much you Ďasked forí.

And when you hit the bullseye, it might be as much £1,000... £3,000... even £8,000 in one hit!

Sound like a dream that will NEVER come true? Well itís not.

A man Iíd like to introduce you to made over £70,000 from this little-known trick last year, and he expects to have more than doubled that amount when he tots up his profits this year.

So whatís his secret?

Well, Iím not going to reveal that right here (the details of this are only for do-ers!), but I can tell you a little bit about this...

The financial secret that lets ordinary folks like you and me Ďstealí a serious second income from the stock markets

With your permission, Iíd like to show you how an exciting new way of raiding the financial markets, called Binary Betting, has made it possible for ANYONE to nail small profits day after day after day.

Donít worry that this is about the financial markets - you need NO skill, NO experience or NO head for numbers to make this work.

This is literally as easy as going into a bookies and placing a bet that Chelsea will beat Wigan in the FA Cup.

You can do this from home, from work, on holiday... as long as you can get online - and follow ONE SIMPLE SECRET to the letter, then this could soon be pumping a few hundred pounds into your pocket.

This really is simple - just turn on your computer, go to page 5 of your guide, and log onto the site it shows you. Then just follow the instructions, look for the Ďbandsí, and place a simple instruction to buy.

By five oíclock that same day, you will practically guarantee a pay-out - anything between £150-£700 profit.

And this is tax-free, because itís classed as a bet.

This wonít make you millions. Nowhere near. But it has the power to REALISTICALLY make you hundreds of pounds at the push of a few buttons - and thatís something most people canít do.

And you can do this in your spare time... over breakfast, during lunch, in a few spare minutes mid-afternoon, in the evening... whenever it suits you.

Just log on, spot the Ďbandsí, and make a few hundred pounds almost instantly.

No hanging around, no guesswork, no learning a new skill that takes months to get the hang of...

You just fire up your computer, spend 10 minutes checking page 5 of your guide against what you see, and if it matches - BANG! You make a Ďsmallí profit.

Well, I say Ďsmallí - a few hundred pounds IS peanuts for professional traders, but for us ordinary people looking to make a few extra pounds, this is very, very decent money.

And you can start trying this IMMEDIATELY!

Just download your copy of Kitchen Table Millionaires, turn to page 5, and you can try this straight away.

But remember, only 432 copies of this guide are FREE. When theyíve run out Iím going to charge £97 for this guide. So save yourself £97, and get this NOW!

I donít want be left behind! Please
show me how to get my FREE guide before they all go!

Okay, thatís the first secret I have for you... and that alone is worth getting the guide for.

But the point of this is to make sure you REALLY start to make the sort of money that could save you when times get really tough in the coming 12 months.

Actually, thatís not quite true. I havenít compiled this guide to simply save you from financial hardship.

I want to take these hard times as an opportunity for you to break free of the humdrum existence so many people settle for, so you can build a real wealth from three or four streams of income...

... each one pulling in £12,000-£60,000 a year... so that you sit at your kitchen-table Ďofficeí or at that desk in your spare room and make £250,000 a year or more.


This isnít about studying for hours or risking a lot of money or working all the hours God sends.

This is about working Ďsmarterí, about copying the money-making secrets of people whoíve already made it, so you can simple step in and start earning BIG.

THATíS what Iím really aiming to do for you. I want these 5 secrets to add up to a lasting wealth that will lift financial worries off your shoulders for good!

Which brings me to...


This isnít illegal, it takes four or five minutes tops, and I promise you youíll get the hang of it in 10 minutes maximum. Just one read through and youíll think ĎThatís so easy!í. And when you make your first £1,000, youíll wonder why you never did this before! 

This is something thatís going to make a lot of people a lot of EASY money in the coming months, and youíre the first to hear about it.

Well thatís not strictly true...

Youíll probably have heard about this idea before. In fact thereís a good chance youíve even tried it - and lost out. Thatís what happens to most people.

But the man behind this idea has come up with a totally NEW way of looking at it, and itís really pulling in the money for him.

To date, heís made a little over £7,000 from this, and heís only been running it for a few months. In fact, if I hadnít seen him do this with my own eyes I wouldnít have believed how easy it is.

So what does he do?

Just turn to page 9 of your free guide and youíll kick yourself when you read whatís there...

Iím not going to spoil the surprise here (Iíd love to see the look on your face when you find out what this is), but Iíll give you an idea of what youíll be doing to make this work...

Every morning (or whenever you feel like making some fast money), youíll need to buy a paper. Iíll tell you which ones are best for this in the guide.

Then you need to turn to a certain page and look for something. Youíve probably skimmed over this page a thousand times in the past.

OR, if you have looked at it a little more closely, youíve looked at the wrong thing. Thatís what most people do.

But with the secret Iíd like to share with you, you could turn a daily paper into £500 - EASILY.

And you can do this every day.

Read the paper on the way to work, circle a few things Iíll set out for you, then go online and make the money.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON Iíve shown this to so far has made money. It really is the easiest income youíll ever make. I promise you, your friends will beg you to share this with them. And if you tell them, they wonít believe this is how youíre making an extra £1,000 a month (sometimes even £200 in a day!).

This will make a few in-the-know people money tomorrow. Seriously, by the time youíre eating your lunch, people using this will have made money from their paper.

Thatís not a guess - thatís a fact.

If you want to join them every morning and do the same, then just turn to page 9 of your guide.

YES! I want to discover the secret to making £500 from my morning paper.
Please show me how I can claim my free report NOW, before they all go!

None of the ideas in The Kitchen-Table Millionaire require any set up costs. You donít need to hire staff or set up a business or buy any expensive equipment.

You donít need any special skills or qualifications.

And you can get started in your spare time - quickly and easily.

The ONLY thing you need (apart from the guide itself) is the drive to sit down and sacrifice some spare time to make these ideas work.

All 5 secrets are PROVEN, SIMPLE ways to start bringing extra money home. With very little effort you could make £1,000-£2,000 extra every month.

With a bit more effort, that figure could easily double - and how useful would that be with so many jobs under threat and with pensions becoming more an more worthless by the second?

But get this...

If you want to make a leap and throw yourself into something new and exciting...

If you want to take these opportunities by the scruff of the neck, roll your sleeves up and really work at them... your Kitchen-Table Millionaire Guide has the power to take you places most people only dream of...

£100,000 a year, £200,000, £500,000... itís all possible.

And if you claim your FREE guide (but you must get a move on Some people will already have snapped this up!, Iíll show you something that could feed you money for a lifetime.

Thereís nothing else like it... and Iíd like you to try it as my guest, with no obligation.

More of that in a minute.

Letís get back to the next money-maker that could make you rich from your kitchen table.

And when I say rich, I mean it...

Did you know youíre already in a position - right now - to make £1 million? Or £10million? Maybe even more. Because if you use this secret and get it right, this could really make you stinking rich.
And you have EVERYTHING you need to start doing this tomorrow. 

Doesnít feel like it, does it? But turn to page 12 of your free guide, and youíll discover how you really could make this level of money.

Iím not promising this will happen - but it really could be your turn to rake this in (with far far greater odds than buying a lottery ticket and crossing your fingers).

Let me tell you a story that will show you what I mean...

I worked with someone (letís call him Mike N) for over 5 years. Mike did pretty well at his job, earned a nice salary, but boy did he work for it.

14 hour days... weekends spent reading files and catching up on emails... he was chained to his desk without realising it.

Then, about 2 years ago, he left. And using the secret youíll discover on page 12, he started out at home(literally working at his kitchen table!)and made over £1million turnover last year.

This year he reckons heíll clear £3million... in my book, thatís stinking rich.

He has a young family, and plans to retire in about 5 years, when heíll be 46. By that time heíll easily have made £10million. Maybe more.

Now, if Iíd walked up to him two years ago and said ĎIn 10 years youíll be sitting on a £10million fortuneí, heíd have thought I was crazy.

Probably just like you think Iím crazy telling you that you can do the same.

But when you discover this secret, Iím willing to bet you wonít think Iím so crazy then.

In fact, I think youíll IMMEDIATELY see how you could make £50,000-£100,000 from this next year.

This secret is for the Ďroll-your-sleeves-upí type of person. This wonít work by tapping a few buttons.

But to get started is EASY. You just need to READ something. Thatís it. And after a few words, youíll grab a pen and paper and start scribbling away, excited by the idea that this REALLY COULD WORK FOR YOU.

If this sounds a bit mystical or kooky I apologise. But you really need to read page 12 of your FREE guide to understand this.

So claim yours now - and youíll be one step nearer to discovering the secret thatís already made dozens of millionaires.

Yes, I DO think youíre crazy! But Iím itching to know what
this secret is all about. Tell me how I can get my free guide NOW!

Thatís just 3 of the secrets I want to send you as soon as possible.

Thereís another 2 waiting for you - both of which have made a few smart people EASY money in their spare time.

And thatís what this is all about...

Making some useful EXTRA money in your spare time, without killing yourself.

I donít expect you to give up your job - not when weíre about to face the worst recession in recent memory.

And I donít expect you to invest hundreds of pounds of your hard-earned money at a time when youíre going to need every penny.

You can open the guide and use the secrets straight away from home - without any fuss.

And like Iíve already said, I donít want a penny for these secrets. Theyíre all 100% FREE in your free guide - The Kitchen-Table Millionaire.

All I ask is that you do me a little favour, and try something Iím completely passionate about...

Why I think youíre going to love the UKís most HATED publication

My nameís Glenn Fisher and I am the editor of Shortcut Confidential... an outspoken, whistle-blowing publication that tells you how to REALLY make money in a world thatís been ruined by greedy bankers and useless politicians.

Every day Shortcut reveals the hidden ways some people make serious money while others struggle - and it upsets a lot of people in the process!

Iíve had threats of lawsuits, Iíve had people ringing me up shouting down the phone at me, Iíve been thrown out of buildings, but I donít care.

In fact I positively LIKE it when I upset the fat cats who want to keep making money at YOUR expense! Thatís why I started at Shortcut in the first place - to help the ordinary guy enjoy the big money making opportunities that only the privileged normally enjoy.

For instance, Iíve revealed:

  • The hidden 0% mortgage rate no broker will tell you about.

  • How to slash your inheritance tax by 90% and leave your kids what youíve worked so hard for

  • How to get any parking ticket ripped up

  • How to save £2,100 of the cost of your mortgage

  • How to save £278 a year by buying one simple energy-saving device

  • How to use 6 simple steps to get an instant 25% pay increase

  • How to get a free money-making website, free hosting and immediate customers

  • How to pay £15 for a new computer when everyone else is paying up to £1,000.

   And today Iíd like to show how YOU could start making considerably more money than you are right now by sending you a free copy of The Kitchen-Table Millionaire.

All I ask is that you try Shortcut Confidential - with no obligation - for a whole month, so you can see what I can do for you.

Iím pretty sure weíre on the same wavelength, which is why Iím sure youíre going to love it. Me and my team work our socks off to crack open secrets that are being kept from you, like:

  • How to start making £500 a month from your doormat;

  • The hottest 'insider' share tips circulating around the City;

  • How to quick start your own internet business in just 20 minutes a day;

  • The two simple things you can do to give you more time to make more money;

And to get you started, Iíve put together the 5 hottest money-makers that will help you ride the recession and come out the other end richer and more successful than most people.

All I ask is that you accept my invitation to join our merry band and enjoy a 90-day risk-free trial of my monthly publication, Shortcut Confidential.

   But thatís not all...

We pack in more useful information in one day than others give you in a month!

During your 90-day risk-free trial Iíll also send you my daily email - the Shortcut Bulletin. So, youíll benefit everyday, discovering a multitude of ways to increase your bank account.

Just for trying out Shortcut Confidential, youíll get a fantastic FREE Shortcut Bulletin daily e-letter and a FREE copy of The Kitchen-table Millionaire: 5 Proven Ways to Make BIG Money From Home.

Not only will you discover the 5 best ways to make money from home, youíll discover:

  • How you could use insider tricks from the travel industry to get half price holidays - or even travel for FREE;

  • The secrets your supermarket is keeping from you and how you can use them to cut your shopping bill by 50%;

  • If youíre getting the social security benefits youíre owed (278,000 people arenít and you could be one of them);

  • How little known tricks could turn your property into a goldmine, regardless of what happens to house prices;

  • The 4 things you need to know to beat Inheritance Tax;

  • The 5 most common tax mistakes and how you could end up with as much as £6,800 cash back;

  • The secret industry auctions that could mean you get the car youíre after for 50% less.

But I donít just intend to SAVE you money; I want to give you the tools you need to MAKE money month after month...

   This month Iíve already told Shortcut readers:

  • The insider secret that could see you actually MAKE money during the economic downturn;
  • How to Ďsweep upí an easy £1,280 backing Australian soccer teams to lose;
  • How to legally Ďstealí £103,000 this year... from the UKís biggest publishers;
  • How a simple recession trick can get you a new home at an 80% discount;
  • How you can get free money from a little known cooperative;

Basically, I am sure that youíll be able to set up a second income of at least £300 a week from home, while your other half watches East-enders!

By reading what I send you, you should be around £1,500 a month better off.

And thatís not even counting the money youíll make from the FREE report Iíll send you!

You see, many of the secrets Iíll reveal have been DELIBERATELY hidden from you.

Your doctor, the Inland Revenue, estate agents, your boss, the government and your local supermarket... DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THESE SECRETS.

It will cost them money and it could cost them their reputation.

But you should know them, because right now, whilst youíre being kept in the dark, youíre losing money.

The truth is, there are actually hundreds of incredible insider secrets that you wouldnít have ever dreamed existed. But they do. And they could make an incredible difference to your life when you know about them.

Thatís why I want to let you in on this knowledge: to make sure YOU have the advantage in life... to stack the cards in YOUR favour.

And as a member of Shortcut, the cards couldnít be more in your favour...

Together with my team of experts, Iíll be in touch every day, direct to your inbox with the Shortcut Bulletin - just make sure you tick the box to sign up when you fill in your details.

This WILL make a massive difference to your life...

just like it did for these people...

Will YOU be writing me a
letter like this soon?

"May I start off by saying how refreshing the shortcut publication & email service really is, especially when all around us is nothing but doom and gloom. May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for providing us with all the latest biz opps and insider secrets so that we may all lead a more happy and enjoyable life." LG

"Great publication!" JW

"It is enlightening to read each one and go through it, and just to see what's out there, what's coming around and what's happening." IW

"Really motivating." DM

"Thank you for the excellent email service that you provide people like me, who are looking for either a full time/part time job, 2nd career/ or just dabbling in investments with a view to making some extra money and enjoying it at the same time." JD

"Keep up the good work. I only wish that you had been around when I was working." AB

"Thanks for your daily bulletins love them!" PM

Youíll soon see exactly why Shortcut readers are so happy. In fact, youíll soon find out:

  • How you can always get at least a 10% discount on any TV, washing machine or other big ticket item you buy.

  • How to get a seat in first class when you've only paid for economy.

  • What 7 steps you need to take to write a brilliant business letter.

  • The body language give-aways that instantly tell you when a person's lying to you.

  • The best day of the month to buy a car from a showroom that will guarantee you get a cheaper price.

  • How to make £15 an hour - just from reading your favourite books;

  • How to buy property in France for as little as £24,500;

  • How to stay in a 5 star hotel but pay 2 star prices;

  • How to save money AND travel first class.

Seriously. Youíll get hundreds of little 'helpers' that can make your life better in hundreds of different ways - yet youíll never have to wade through boring long articles or books full of waffle.

An issue of Shortcut is like having a whole month to read all the books you've ever wanted to...

Itís like getting private consultations with some of the most expensive private experts in the country...

Itís like enjoying hundreds of privileges normally only known to people on the inside...

And you never know, you may even read something that could totally change your life. Remember, Shortcut aims to help you find the job/life/work satisfaction that may have been missing from your life. And it aims to present you with some of the most incredible opportunities life can possibly throw your way.

Look, I want you to SEE the evidence with your own eyes. I really want you to EXPERIENCE exactly what Shortcut can do for you.

And I want you to do that before you pay any money or make any kind of commitment.

So if you want your FREE guide, and youíre happy to try Shortcut Confidential (and it really IS just trying it - you have no obligation at all), then hereís what weíll do:

Just TRY Shortcut Confidential - and Iíll send you a copy of The Kitchen-table Millionaire: 5 Proven Ways to Make BIG Money From Home - as a thank you!

You canít get this guide anywhere else... not in the shops, not online, not on eBay... not ANYWHERE!

Thatís because this information is truly exclusive. While most publications that claim to help you do little more than tell you to chant ĎI want moneyí, this guide SHOWS you how to get started, step by step.

And you can keep this guide whether you stay with Shortcut Confidential or not.

Really - Itís yours with no strings. I donít want a penny for it - now or ever - even though this one guide could make you more money next year, working from home, than most people make in a full time job.

So if youíre happy to give SC a go for me, hereís what Iíll send you:

  • Youíll get 2 back issues of Shortcut Confidential AND youíll receive the current issue - all full of money saving and money making tips that your friends and neighbours just wonít know about.

  • Youíll get the daily Shortcut Bulletin straight into your inbox each morning Monday to Saturday - giving you the head start to making and saving more money in just five minutes.

  • Youíll get your FREE copy of ĎThe Kitchen-table Millionaire: 5 Proven Ways to Make BIG Money From Homeí so you can start making money under your own steam, without forever fretting about the recession.

All that... and it won't cost you a single penny to TRY it!

Simply complete the secure on-line order form and the next day youíll receive the Shortcut Bulletin (remember to tick that opt-in box when you complete your details) and then at the start of each month youíll get your copy of Shortcut Confidential.

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Glenn Fisher

Glenn Fisher
Shortcut Publications

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