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John Piper*** Urgent report from the Desk of JP - The UKís No.1 Authority on Binary Betting***

I've got £14,315.90 with
YOUR name on it

That figure up there underlined in red is EXACTLY what
youíd have made if youíd followed my
simple, foolproof tips during 2008...

And I donít want you to miss out on another
penny of these fast, easy TAX-FREE gains!

In fact, Iím so confident this will work for you and make
you £14,315.90 this year, that Iím going to break all
the rules and give you the following cast iron guarantee upfront:


You are personally invited to try my new

The Trade Maker service for yourself at NO RISK.

If at ANY time during your 30 day no obligation trial you donít feel that you can make at least £1,192 each month, just drop me a line and no money will ever leave your account.

Iíll cancel your membership with no questions asked.


Ready to get started?

Great! Hereís how I'm going to make you £14,315.90 richer over the next 12 months

Dear Friend,

In the next 2 -3 minutes youíre going to discover a closely guarded financial secret thatís quietly making a few canny investors a lot of money.

£1,192 a month (on average) to be precise...

And these investors have just two things in common: a mobile phone and the ability to follow a set of simple instructions.

Let me show you how I can make you £1,192 a month armed with just a mobile phone...

Please bear with me, because this might sound like the kind of thing that only a handful of people could ever get to grips with. You know... stock brokers, trading analysts, investment bankers...

But hereís the thing...

(and let me say this right upfront so weíre clear)

You donít need to understand Ďhowí this works...

Iíve spent 20 years learning the skills and strategies that make around £200,000 each and every year..

In other words, this is second nature to me... I think nothing of spending several hours a day scouring charts, graphs and ticker prices to track tiny changes in the stock market. (Yes! Thatís my idea of fun).

Itís a buzz. Anything that could tell me when the next big profit opportunity is about to break sends me into a wild frenzy. I literally get goose pimples on the back of my neck.

Now I realise that not everyone has the time (or inclination) to study the financial newspapers or to stare at a bunch of charts. I can see why thatís not most peopleís Ďcup of teaí.

Thatís the beauty of this...

Because even though Iím going to help make you £14,315.90 richer in the next 12 months you still donít need to understand how this works!

Thatís because itís SO easy to follow my simple, no-nonsense advice, a ten year old child could do it!

Just think, you could be making hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds a month following my simple instructions (youíll see just how simple they are in just a moment) without ever having to look at a trading manual.

You just see your profits mounting up, week after week.

As I said, Iíve been doing this for over 20 years at top flight status and frankly Iím not going to be able to teach you all of the ins and outs of how this works.

Certainly not in such a short letter.

Now, I need you to be comfortable with that. Weíre not doing anything illegal - far from it in fact...

This is a PROVEN way to make fast, tax-free profits using a little known trading strategy called binary betting.

You just receive a simple text message and follow a few basic instructions, which Iíll send you. You see I do all the hard work for you, you can just sit back and count the easy money thatíll be coming your way.

Since launching this service in June 2007, my members have been making fast, consistent profits. And weíre continuing to do so.

And the proof is in the pudding...

Just take a look at the track record for The Trade Maker since launch:





















































































2007 Total



2008 Total Profit



2009 Total Profit


Total Profit

As you can see, the moment my strategy was in place we were able to bank some serious gains.

Week on week... month on month.

I couldnít believe how much money was coming in... £2,727 in January 2008, £2817 in May... £1,856 in September... £2,790 in November...

Since The Trade Maker launched in May 2007, the profits have been rolling in, on average you could have made £1,192 profit a month.

Sure sometimes there is the odd loss, Iím not a miracle worker - but tell me, who else in this market is making money?

Even in our Ďworstí month you would have lost just £196 - if that is worry money to you then this service most definitely isnít for you.

Saying that, over any two month period this service has never shown a negative. Even when we took a loss, like in August 2008 we bounced back immediately with £1856 profit the following month.

And remember, these profits are tax-free. Gordon Brown canít steal a penny. Because binary betting is classed by the government as a form of gambling, they canít tax your gains!

But I know what youíre thinking...

What if I miss a trade? How can I be sure I get your alert on time?

A lot of trading services require you to be glued to your email 24/7... and sometimes this means that by the time youíve read the message the opportunityís gone.

So how do we beat the time constraints?


I send you an email everyday around 11:30 letting you know what markets Iím watching and then Iíll send out a text message the moment a trade is Ďoní, I tell you which trades youíre going to make and when to make them.

I do all the work for you.

Iíll even send you a further text message when to close the trade out. I donít think I could make this any easier if I tried.

Now, I know what youíre thinking...

"Whereís the catch?"

I mean, if itís that easy why isnít everyone doing this?

Donít worry, thereís nothing complex about this strategy. You donít need a PHD in advanced mathematics... or a bottomless piggy bank to get in on the action. In fact you can start with around £1000.

This is straightforward stuff and Iíll show you exactly what to do and how to do it. So you too can bank £14,315.90 like my members did last year.

But yes there is 'a catch'...

(and quite frankly I reckon 10% of folk wonít be able to crack this)

Thatís not because itís difficult, time consuming or ridiculously costly. Far from it. But it does require 3 things:

1) Regular access to your mobile- By that I mean the ability to have it switched on, so you can get my alerts. It helps too if you can go on online (usually between 11:30am and 4pm). You can make your trades either online or over the phone - whatever works for you.

But if youíre currently reliant on Internet cafes and friendís computers then Iím afraid this probably isnít for you.

Remember Iíll send you an email outlining what Iím looking at and then I follow up via text message if there is a bet to be made.

2) Strong discipline - You have to be ready to do exactly what I say. Once the money starts rolling in, itís all too easy to go Ďoff pisteí. Make up your own rules and youíll soon edge into dangerous territory. Iíve been doing this for more than 20 years, and without sounding arrogant: I know what Iím doing.

3) This does require some Ďworkí - Thatís right, thereís no Ďmagic buttoní - It might feel like there is at times (you really can make £300... £400... £500 in just a few minutes, sometimes seconds), but you will have to follow my instructions to the letter - and sometimes that requires a degree of patience.

But let me clarify that last point, because I want to make fully sure you understand this...

When I say Ďworkí I donít mean boring tutorials... swatting up on the markets or endless jargon - not even close. Quite the opposite in fact. Iíve actually taken all the Ďfatí out of my messages to make the whole process as streamlined as possible.

The Trade Maker is about getting the facts to you ASAP and nothing more - so you can bag fast, tax free profits.

Youíll get your alert instructions clearly laid out... showing you which market to bet on and at which price.

But this is where the Ďworkí comes in...

Once youíve received my email youíll know if there is a chance of a bet and then youíll need to keep your mobile handy for the profit signal that Iíll send you.

Because timing of the bets is key this point is important. Itís no good if you canít have your phone on during the day.

Youíll then need to make your bet. Donít worry Iíll tell you exactly how to do this and with what companies. But you have to follow my exact plan.

Let me give you an example. Hereís a typical Trade Maker alert:

Yes I know it might look like goobledigook, but itís actually very straightforward.

In a nutshell we were looking to make the following bet:

"Sell FTSE 100"
I expect it to finish down 150 points
Run the bet until the outcome happens

Think you can handle that?


Because youíve just made your first £400 profit...

But I want to make ABSOLUTELY sure you understand how to do this. So letís go through the whole process step by step:

Step 1 - Log into your IG index Binary Betting account (Iíll show you have to do this in your complimentary welcome pack).

Step 2 - Select ĎBinary Indicesí from the drop down menu...

- THEN ĎFTSE 100 (daily)í

- THEN Ď> 150pointsí.

Step 3 - Click ĎFTSE 100 to Down > 150 pointsí in the box

That wasnít so hard was it? But here comes the Ďtrickyí bit...

Want to know what it is...?

The one thing that separates you from an EASY £1,100+ a month... and all of it TAX FREE...

You have to wait... thatís it... the big catch!

Just relax. Go make a cup of tea, carry on with your work, watch some TV if you like.

You just have to wait for my signal to stop your bet.

And thatís it.

Thatís right Iíll send you another text message when I want you to close your bet down and take the profits.

Do you think you could do that?

Typically bets are made between 11:30am and 4:00pm - depending on which bet weíre looking at. So youíll need to access to your phone so you can get in and out quickly.

And thereís a very good reason for this...

You just need to be ready to grab it! And take the profits...

Donít worry, as I said, that doesnít mean keeping your eyes glued to the screen for hours on end waiting - as I do the work for you. You just have to act on my advice and then count the cash.

Do you think you could do that?

If your answer to that question is "yes!" - there is absolutely no reason why we canít start making money from this right away.

Iím being deadly serious...

Because so far this strategy would have made you (on average) £1,192 a month.

This isnít just some figure plucked from thin air. This system has been live for over 23 months now and thatís exactly what you would have made.

And all of it tax free!

Just think what you could do with an extra £1,192 each month?

Itíd be like having a salary in ADDITION to your current income. And all for just a few minutes Ďworkí each day.

And hereís the thing...

Youíve already shown me that you know a good opportunity when you see one...

By reading this letter this far... youíve shown that you have the steel to make it work. And thatís why I wanted you to be the very first to hear about this...

But I donít want you to make any commitments until youíre 100% sure itís working for you.

So if you take me up on this Iíll give you a whole month to try this out for size. To see if itís right for you - with zero risk.

Just so thereís no confusion, hereís my guarantee to you in black and white:


Sign up to The Trade Maker today and Iíll send you a whole 30 days of private professional betting recommendations with no obligation to continue.

If you donít like what you see, or donít think this can work for you, simply let me know inside the 30 day trial and no money will leave your account.

Iíll cancel your membership and you can leave with my best wishes. No payment made, No questions asked, no hassle.

This is a watertight guarantee that you can use at any time during your trial month.

That guaranteeís yours to keep. I want you to be 100% happy with the service. After all, I know that binary betting isnít for everyone.

But Iím convinced that once you see just how easy it is and once the money starts coming in youíll want to continue.

But let me be clear, only after your full 30 days trial is up do you become a full member and make a payment, so thatís 30 days to see if I can really make you £1,192 a month.

Remember this is a proper trading system, its long term and I only take members on an annual basis, so youíll be joining for a full year after your trial. Within that year I aim to make you an extra £14,315.90 tax-free.

I reckon Iíll make you a lot of money, so I have to work this way. Iím sure you understand.

Want to join me in plundering the markets for the EASIEST £1,192 a month youíll ever make?

Iíd like to get you onboard right away so that you can put your first trade on ASAP.

Once youíve signed up youíll be on my exclusive list. The moment I spot an opportunity to place a bet, Iíll email you right away with specific instructions.

Then I follow up that initial message with text alerts letting you know exactly when to place your bet and when to take profits.

Thatís it! It couldnít be simpler.

But Iím sure youíve got some questions... so how about my personal email address so you can contact me at any time...

Thatís right - Iíll even give you my personal email address so that you can drop me a line anytime. Iíll always try and give you a personal reply, or for the really good questions, Iíll make a video example and send it too all members. So everyone benefits.

This is a personal service, just like a one-on-one, Iíll text you all the instructions to make around £1,192 each month and Iím on hand if you need any help.

I want this to really work for you...

But maybe youíve still got questions, like

Q: So why are you sharing this cash generator
A: We are betting on one of the biggest cash payouts in the world, the stock market. You joining in doesnít harm my profit potential at all so why not share it?

Q: Iím scared of risk... isnít this risky?
A: Iíll be honest with you some people do lose money at this. But there the ones who don't follow a strict and reliable system, Iíve spent 20 years perfecting this.

Sure there will be losses, the most the service lost in one month was £190. If thatís worry money then I think you should consider staying out of the market altogether - as this service isnít for you.

Remember the most I made in one month was £2,817, but you have to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. Iím just looking for an easy grand or so a month for almost no effort.

Q: What about tax...
A: Beauty of this is thatís is 100% tax-free, itís classed as betting rather than investment so no capital gains tax applies here, what you bank you keep 100%.

Q: I donít want to learn or understand a load of complex charts...
A: Donít worry, most people donít. Remember each day Iíll just send an email with my thoughts about the markets and what could happen. Then and only then if there is a bet to make, Iíll text you simple instructions. Youíve already seen how straight forward they are.

I then send you another text telling you when to close your bet and count the cash.

You donít need to learn about the markets, chart or anything like that, I take all the effort out of making money for you...

Q: Can you guarantee Iíll make money...
A: Making easy money is never guaranteed, but since I launched this service in June 2007, Iíve made my members good consistent money. See the full audited track record again, this makes on average £1,192 per month.

Q: What if I want to cancel inside my 30 day no obligation trial...
A: Not a problem. Thatís what the trial is there for. I know this isnít for everyone and if you decide to leave, youíll go with my best wishes. If you want to stay and become a full member then great, over the coming year I expect to make you regular profits, with me doing all the work for you.

Q: I donít know you, so what other guarantees do I have?
A: Well this is backed by Agora who are a multi-million pound company, with offices worldwide, theyíve been running successful income generating newsletters and services for over 30 years.

Agora will process your membership and the guarantee is backed by them too.

Q: Can I speak to you if I donít understand something...
A: Sure, this is a personal service, just drop me an email and Iíll come straight back to you. Or if it helps Iíll send the answer to everyone so all members benefit. Iím happy to do weekly Q&A sessions as I know some people donít like to ask questions. This way youíll learn and make money...

Iíve streamlined the service so that you
only get EXACTLY whatís needed.

Remember youíll get a short burst email each week day to show you what markets Iím looking at and then a quick text alert the moment I spot a potential trade. These trade opportunities normally happen a couple of times a each week and Iíll talk you through everything so you can make some fast easy money.

Now, as you can expect,clients often pay me thousands of pounds - for just a few hours of my time....

Recently I held a set of weekend seminars for which each attendee paid nearly £6,000 EACH to hear me speak (a bargain in my opinion).

But you know what, I donít want anything like as much for this service...

Why? Because, I make these bets anyway whether youíre with me or not.

Itís no skin off my back if a few extra elite members get to make a quid or two off the back of my trading expertise.

My publisher is livid about this - but I donít care...

So even though my publisher begged me to make this at least a £2,000 a year service, I refused.

He argued £2,000 to make a potential £14,315.90 was certainly good value... and he had a point.

And the track record proves you could make that in one month - easily covering the cost of the membership fee...I still refused...

This service is new to you and because of that Iím willing to let you try The Trade Maker at a knock down price. Iím that confident that once you try it without obligation and make money youíll want to become a full member.

So here goes...

Take my invitation today and you can have it at 56% off my publisherís recommended price.

Iíll let you join my inner circle of The Trade Maker members for just £895 a year if you pay by Direct Debit, that's 56% off the recommended publishers price, or £995 by any other method.

And with the benefits of Direct Debit you get a full 30 day trial before you pay a penny. By joining today with Direct Debit not only do you save an additional £100 on top of the 56% discount but no money will leave your account until the 30 day trial is up. Join Today

Think about it... in your 30 day trial period you should easily cover the membership fee. Then everything thereafter is pure profit.

In our best month to date you would have taken home £2,817!

Try it out for a month - 100% RISK FREE...

No catches, no hidden extras.

But I do have to make something clear:

This isnít for dreamers or time wasters.

This is a serious trading system, Iíve spent 20 years making sure this is right and Iím confident I can put around £1,000 in your pocket every single month.

To do this youíll need:

  • Minimum of £1000 spare cash to get started, this is real money, not money youíll need for rent, food or other ordinary expenses.

  • Commitment - you have to follow exactly what I tell you to do and you have to be a member for a year, in that year I fully expect you to make around £14,315.90

  • You have to be ready to trade. Remember this is a trading system that makes money and Iíve already shown you the full track record - but to do so youíll need access to your mobile phone and email each week day.

Ready to get going.

Great, I could be sending youíre your first profit opportunity in the next 48 hours. Join Now...

I expect places to be snapped up extremely quickly - even at the full price (thatís why I wanted you to be the first to hear about this). I want you to get first refusal on this one time offer.


Because I know youíre hungry to make fast, tax free profits on the markets, but I also know I need to prove myself to you.

The price is guaranteed until I get 100 members. After that it automatically raises to £2,000. If you are interested please donít delay, as I would hate you to miss out.

If youíre quick off the mark and lucky enough to be accepted on to The Trade Maker youíll immediately receive an email from me with the following:

  • A simple to read and understand guide on how this service works. This really is so straight forward but Iíve even included a dummies guide on how this works, just for your reference.

  • My personal email address. Just drop me a line, anytime should you need any assistance

But wait there because I have something else I want to give you as part of your subscription to The Trade Maker...

As a member of The Trade Maker itís free to you, but it stands to make you £500 - £1,000 every single week.

If you join today Iíll sign you up to receive my Binary Profit Raider email service as well... totally free, it wonít cost you a penny more.

As well as guiding you through Ďin and outí trades in my Trade Maker alerts, when I spot trades that are set to go Ďall the wayí - trades I like to call Ďno effort tradesí - Iíll let you know the perfect moment to get in so that you can just leave the trade to close and profit.

The trades that Iíll tell you about with Binary Profit Raider are the simplest trades youíll ever make.

Just place them when I say and then let the market do all the work for you...

Once youíve made a few simple clicks, you can just sit back and watch the profit roll in at the end of the day.

Binary Profit Raider is a service in itself which regular people will have to pay around £300 for, but when you subscribe to my elite Trade Maker service youíll receive the Binary Profit Raider alerts completely free, saving that £300 and making a whole lot more.

So let me just recap here exactly what youíre going to get when you become a member of The Trade Maker today:

  • All my exclusive Trade Maker alerts, telling you the perfect time to get in a trade and get out again for maximum profit

  • A simple and easy to understand guide that explains everything you need to know about placing trades and claiming your profit

  • My personal email address which you can use as a hotline with any queries you might have (or just to thank me for the profit you pull in)

  • My Binary Profit Raider service (worth £500) completely free, alerting you of the easiest trades youíll ever make

This is probably the best and most complete profit trading package youíll ever come across...

If you're interested please act now and secure one of the 100 spaces available. If you apply and Iíve already filled the spaces youíll receive an email notifying you and Iíll add you to my waiting list. Itíll be one-in one-out going forward, so please reply NOW to avoid disappointment.

I look forward to sending you your first The Trade Maker alert!


The Trade Maker


PS: Hereís just a few of the emails Iíve received from other members since Trade Maker started...

"I took your tradewatch tip onboard today and I have just earned £560 profit on the 50/50 tunnel. Many thanks!"

N Mugo



"it was my first trade yesterday and i managed to get in at 78 for £4. to make £395 on my first trade."



Woooo Hooooo. Well played I picked up 75 points. Cheers!



You are a genius!!




I just went for the "down over 50 points" bet on Capital Spreads, bought it at 15 and itís already at 72! How do you do this?

Amazing! Thanks!




Just wanted to tell you that from the first email I received from you on Wednesday. I made over GBP 656.20 in less than 1.5 hours!

This was very exciting. I look forward to the next 12 months!"

Juan Bird

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